Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update

Mom and Dad came into town this weekend for a somewhat brief visit. I always enjoy their and I get to run around town just doing whatever, usually shopping because that's what the gals in my family LOVE to do! My dad and David did yard work, watched football and ate BBQ. So it's a win-win for all of us! My parents surprised me with a graduation present (even though I don't graduate until December, I finished my course work in August so all I have left is my comprehensive exam and graduation in December) and David and I were very surprised and he was just as excited if not more than I was because naturally he's a man...

That's right! My very own shotgun so I can actually try to shoot something when I go hunting with David! His guns are SO very heavy and the kick in my shoulder is so PAINFUL. This one is much lighter and hopefully won't hurt as bad and I can actually try to become a little decent...for a girl! This was my Dad's but he has never used it and decided that I needed it so it's mine now! It's a Benelli 20 Gauge Pump Action...that's what my dad says anyway. If you ask me I would's a camo gun. But I actually have to call it by it's real name or my dad would not be too happy with me. I'm also required to learn how to clean it and I have to take a gun safety class. Thanks mom and dad! We  I love it!! David and I are going to the farm to shoot it next weekend and we might try to shoot some skeet too! I'm so new at this but hopefully I will eventually be kind of good! My long-term goal is to shoot a deer! We'll see how that goes!

David and Mom!

David, my girlfriend Ashley and I went to Lincoln Nimz's 2nd birthday party in Glenn Heights, TX Saturday night. We thought we left in enough time to get there, it takes about an hour. Well, we didn't take the Rangers or Texas A&M into account and it took us much longer. We got there with 20 minutes left of the party but luckily most people were stuck in traffic and almost everyone was late. I didn't feel so bad after knowing that. It was a great time and I totally forgot to take pics! I was consumed with little Lincoln's cuteness! He is getting so big and talking talking talking! I was the only one who actually bought him clothes, go figure. I felt kind of bad after that but I'm sure Carrie appreciates a new outfit from Crazy 8, such cute clothes!! They just opened one close to my house and I was so excited because now I don't have to drive to Southlake anymore. You'd think that I have kids by the way that I'm talking but I do have nieces and nephews and a couple of my girlfriends have babies! I love buying kids clothes, this could be bad since I don't even have a child! Anyway, Linc's party was a football party but David and I just had a baseball and basketball t-shirt so we thought that would's still sporty! David has two Ranger's shirts that are too small for him and obviously long on me so mom helped me ruffle one of them. I cut the bottom off and added a gray t-shirt material ruffle and shortened the arms! I can now wear it with leggings and boots of any kind! I would have liked to do more to it to make it even girlier but I ran out of time!

This is not a good picture, but I just wanted to showcase my new shirt/tunic!

Wife Confession: I was feeling sick all weekend and Sunday night I did not feel like cooking but I hadn't cooked all weekend because my parents were here and we ate out. I was feeling guilty and like a bad wife so I had to fix him something somewhat yummy! We had pork chops in the freezer and I was thinking...what can I do that's filling and easy...I was just going to get one side and I thought new potatoes, super easy. Well, I got to the store and just did not even feel like cooking and I was feeling awful so as I was walking past the deli I noticed pre-made twice baked potatoes. They actually looked pretty good, I knew David would like them so I had a little pow-wow with myself and talked myself into getting them...why not, I can just pop them in the microwave and fry up a couple of pork chops and voila-Dinner! As I was standing there, I felt eyes on me as women walked by and then taking them to the check-out I felt like I was being judged for buying pre-made potatoes! I must say this was not my proudest moment because I love cooking for my husband, trying new recipes and being a homemaker. I don't think this is something I will do again unless I'm in a binde or sick like I was this weekend. It made me feel better when David told me that my potatoes taste so much better! Here THEY are...

I didn't get a chance to work on my ruffle shirt with my mom because there just wasn't enought time in the weekend but I'll get to it eventually. I really shouldn't say I'm going to do something until I actually do it because I think way too far in advance and I act like there's 48 hours in one day most of the time. My to-do lists are ridiculous and I might get 3 items crossed off.

This week is strictly dedicated to my comprehensive exam for my M.Ed. I found out some great news last I was signing up for graduation in December and my comps for October it was brought to my attention that my comp exam was a TAKE HOME test! WHAT?!!! This was seriously an amazing moment, I was elated! Easy Peasy! Yes, it will be a lot of hard work because I'm writing numerous essays that have to be very professional but I personally think that sounds easy because the pressure of having to pre-write 7 essays and memorize them only to actually write 3 that you find out about when you sit down and open your exam and begin to write in your blue book all anxious like because you only have 3 hours and you're nervous and forget things and start thinking what if I forget everything, etc, yadi yadi yada! It was like a HUGE burden was lifted off of my shoulders when I received that email from my advisor. I actually signed up in June to take it then at the last minute decided to wait because I had a lot on my plate and I'm so glad I did because I would have had to do it the other way in June! I think this is a trial and error kind of thing that my department is doing this sememster, I'm just glad I could be a part of it! So this is my blog for the week!

In other news I started working at Sylvan Learning Center in Southlake last week. I'm enjoying it, it's feels great to work with the kiddos again! I've missed it! It's a part-part-time job because let's face it, after school hours isn't even a part-time job and it feels good to actually work again it's been hmmm...1 year and 8 months! I'm thankful I didn't have to work so I could finish my M.Ed. and student teaching internship in the amount of time that I did but I'm so eager to work again...full-time! I never thought I would actually say that but yes, I need to be busy! I would feel differently if I had children, but I don't so bring on the full-time job...paaleease!

Other news, we start our small group at church with some of our friends on Wednesday and I'm very excited! It's only a four week series and it's Max Lucado's Max On Life, it sounds so great! Can't wait to enlighten you with some of our discussions! Happy Monday!

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  1. i love all of this, but I am SUPER excited to see you are starting a small group. I can't wait to hear about it. :) love you!